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          Find out how you can reduce nutrient and tillage costs - risk free!

Take the Reduced Tillage BMP CHALLENGE®


Test Reduced Tillage BMPs In Your Corn Fields – Risk Free

Using a side-by-side approach, find out first hand how Reduced Tillage Best Management Practices (BMPs) can boost your bottom line.  See example below.

The Reduced Tillage BMP CHALLENGE® provides technical assistance to help you get the best results and pays you cash if your yield and income are reduced.  You’ll save money, improve stewardship and sleep soundly.  This is a great on-farm research opportunity – you can’t lose!  Limit: up to 100 acres per field.

Are You Eligible?
If you farm in CA, DE, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NY, OH, PA, SD, VA, VT or WI and grow corn for grain, silage or sweet corn you are eligible.  Popcorn or corn planted for wildlife are not eligible.

How Does the Reduced Tillage BMP CHALLENGE® Work?
Reduced Tillage BMPs are designed to save you money, by providing technical assistance to develop the best reduced tillage practice for your field based on field location and soil type. Joining is easy:

  1. Enroll one or more fields – before tilling your fields- by simply calling the BMP CHALLENGE at 608-232-1425 or email.

  2. You’ll use your conventional tillage practices on a check strip located by your crop advisor.  On the balance of the field, you’ll use the reduced tillage practice and manage the entire field (check strip and balance) exactly the same way. If you don’t have a crop advisor, we can find one for you. 

  3. Your crop advisor will help you set up tillage equipment and visit you during the season to assess crop progress.  Your advisor will also work with you to identify and help address any tillage-related issues.

  4. At harvest, you and your crop advisor will assess yield and contact us if you find a loss.  Your payment will be based on yield loss minus reduced tillage savings.

Your income is guaranteed!
You will earn at least as much as using your conventional tillage practices, and in most years, you’ll be putting more dollars in your pocket.  If you do earn more by taking the CHALLENGE, we will discuss your income increase with you and ask that you contribute 33% of your cost-savings up to a maximum contribution of $6.00 per acre.  This contribution ensures that other farmers will be able to experience the CHALLENGE.

The CHALLENGE is backed by a commercial service agreement provided by Agflex, an Iowa corporation.  Agflex is not an insurance company and does not sell insurance. The CHALLENGE is not insurance and pays you only for losses due to reduced tillage.

REDUCED TILLAGE BMP CHALLENGE® -  Example, Corn Grown for Grain




Strip set up pass



Chisel plow pass



Tandem disk harrow pass



Field cultivator pass



Planting pass


$16.90/acre with starter

Total tillage cost



$47.15 – $23.18 = $23.97/acre reduced tillage cost savings!


Situation 1: Yield loss w/ BMP

170 bu/acre x $4.75/bu = $807.50/acre

150 bu/acre x $4.75/bu = $712.50/acre

Net yield loss

$807.50 - $712.50 = $95.00/acre yield loss

Net economic return

$95.00 loss - $23.97 savings = $71.03/acre net loss

Bottom Line: $71.03/acre performance guaranty paid to grower by the BMP CHALLENGE!


Situation 2: Yield gain w/ BMP

170 bu/acre x $4.75/bu = $807.50/acre

180 bu/acre x $4.75/bu = $902.50/acre

Net yield gain

$807.50 - $902.50 = $95.00/acre yield gain

Net economic return

$95.00 gain + $23.97 savings = $118.97/acre net gain

Bottom Line: $118.97/acre gain - $6.00/acre grower contribution to the BMP CHALLENGE = $112.97/acre net gain to grower!


BMP CHALLENGE is supported in part by the following: